How to get more reviews remains to be the greatest concern of business and SEO Managers. As the manager of the business or SEO, the most basic question is how to get more Google reviews from their customers. Over the past years, research shows that having genuine online reviews from old and new clients contributed significantly to the increasing visibility and conversion. Therefore there is no debate about the importance of getting more reviews from the customers. In most instances, a majority of potential customers looks at the reviews about a product or service before purchasing it. Thus, in order to know How To Get More Google Reviews for your business, you should read below some strategies that can be applied.

Ask for reviews

One of the best ways to ensure as a business you get more reviews is to ask for reviews from the customers. You will be surprised that the majority of the people managing businesses do not ask customers for reviews and opportunities to get positive reviews is wasted. Thus, it is important for communication to be passed to all departments within the business to encourage asking for reviews from customers.


Educating customers on how to leave a review

In most cases, the main challenge that leads to the customer not leaving a review is that they actually do not have any idea of how to do it. Thus, it is important for the business to develop strategies that will educate customers on how to leave a review. For example, providing a printout and availing it on the front desk or create a blog on the online platform showing how reviews are done will do the trick.


Personalize review experience

Personal interactions between the business owners and the customers on reviews are the other Strategies that can make the difference. For instance, if the owner of a business can send a personalized email to a recent customer or long time one, it has the capability of creating a positive impact on encouraging the customers to give reviews.


Make the process simple

Customers are individuals who have thousands of errands to run. Thus, the process of leaving reviews need to be as simple as possible. Thus as a business, you need to develop simple instructions, guidelines on how to leave a review without consuming time.


Develop multiple touch point

If it becomes difficult to leave reviews instantly while shopping, it is advisable to remind the customers when they call to leave a review. It is always important to make sure no matter the avenue the customers use to reach the business they leave a review. In addition, it is also advisable to offer an incentive to the customer as a way of encouraging them to leave a review. In this case, the incentives may include a coupon or discount.


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